So you are thinking about plastic surgery, you searched online and you got some myths or misconceptions along the way. Not everything on the internet can be true; if someone is writing an article without providing resources, then how could you verify that the person is sharing correct information? Yes, Wikipedia is a true source which also offers many resources along with the content. If you are not sure about the plastic surgery myths, then this article will surely help you; here are the actual facts:

Any surgeon can perform plastic surgery: How can an orthopedic surgeon perform plastic surgery? So this is also a myth. Your surgeon must be licensed and should be certified by ABPLS (American board of plastic surgery). The fat will sooner or later come back after liposuction: Liposuction is not an anti-fat program; it is a fat removal surgery which replaces fat cells. “I paid for liposuction, so I can eat anything I want” This attitude will not support you in any way. You should maintain a healthy lifestyle after liposuction. Your face will look frozen after Botox injections: No! A professional surgeon will inject Botox in a correct manner so that the person will not face such effects. Plastic surgery is for wealthy: Why? Are wealthy people licensed to get plastic surgery? Plastic surgery is for every kind of person; male, female, class, and other things don’t matter at all.

There is nothing serious about plastic surgery and anyone can have it: Well, if it is a kind of medical operation, then it must be a serious surgery. It is a surgical procedure and the person should be completely fit for the surgery. Just like all surgery, it also carries some risks.

One can notice plastic surgery on your face: No! No one can identify, not even on any other part your body unless you tell them. Plastic surgery gives a completely natural look; however, a surgery performed by an unprofessional person may result it awful effects.

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